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• 6/1/2015

Species we all miss...

In this forum post, you can talk a bit about different empires in the Revolution Universe that we haven't seen in a while and wish to be in an arc in the near future.

Personally, I've been wanting the Viongoes to make another appearance in STNL 2 and possibly a brief one in BA. I've been wanting to show their reasoning for mutating the creatures (which I will explain to Williezk on Steam >:D).

Any aliens you guys miss?

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• 6/1/2015
  • The Ardoxes. We really haven't seen much of them even in their own series, and I think they're one of fungus3's more interesting, non-sporny races.
  • The Neoruks: After that mission to Chaunry in the first STNL² arc, there hasn't been much about them.
  • The Siranians: With the exception of the now-maligned Vordav sisters, the Siranians have made precious few appearances. They're honestly one of my favorite "guest" species because they have interesting appearances and culture.
• 6/6/2015

(Lucasrebel here) we'll see 3 major individuals of these species Will mentioned in a not so late SporeRPG...

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