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• 6/26/2015

End of Spore Revolution (series)?

"True"odon: I've been thinking

"True"odon: and well

I Am The Storm: ...?

"True"odon: I might cancel Spore Revolution

I Am The Storm: Okay...

"True"odon: because I don't find it very fun to do anymore

"True"odon: and I've been horribly rushing whenever I make episodes for it now

"True"odon: there was a lot of stuff planned that I simply didn't do because of laziness

"True"odon: the cave stage would've eventually changed so it was like the tribal stage we ended up having

"True"odon: tribal would have had many different weapons and huts and upgrading the tribe

I Am The Storm: That woulda been neat

"True"odon: yeah

"True"odon: but I ended up rushing

"True"odon: the only stage I've at all liked so far was creature

"True"odon: and even that wasn't too enjoyable because of fungus ruining my plots at the time

I Am The Storm: Yeah

"True"odon: I think SR is dead

"True"odon: ;-;

I Am The Storm: :(

"True"odon: I hate the thought of all the things I had planned ever since the first episode being for nothing

I Am The Storm: Like what were your plans?

"True"odon: well.......

"True"odon: I don't really want to tell you

"True"odon: in case I did pick it up

"True"odon: in some manner

I Am The Storm: Okay

"True"odon: because I had some pretty brilliant stuff all planned out

"True"odon: however

"True"odon: there's some good news that comes with it

"True"odon: I should be able to work more on The Surge and Badass

I Am The Storm: Yeah that is good news

I Am The Storm: Speaking of which

I Am The Storm: You're doing the next Surge ep

"True"odon: ik

I Am The Storm: Just checking

"True"odon: I've also been wanting to make the next episode of eme12's The Walking Dead

"True"odon: although

"True"odon: I'm not quite as interested anymore

"True"odon: so maybe I'd do something else

I Am The Storm: Like what? A new series

"True"odon: yeah maybe

"True"odon: hmm

"True"odon: if SR is truly cancelled

"True"odon: I'll probably reference it and show how the Electi are doing via BA or something

I Am The Storm: Like post-zombie arc?

"True"odon: no

"True"odon: like

"True"odon: as a species

"True"odon: through evolution

"True"odon: their evolution has been sped up by TI

"True"odon: and the time you're seeing

"True"odon: is about the real amount of time it is taking for them to evolve

"True"odon: although it is like millions of years for them

"True"odon: similar to the thing that happened on Epindol

"True"odon: except slower because TI caused it

I Am The Storm: And Kraygans they ain;t

I Am The Storm: *ain't

"True"odon: if SR is cancelled

"True"odon: once they go to space

"True"odon: they'd be a major empire in BA

I Am The Storm: Good or bad?

"True"odon: eh

"True"odon: depends

I Am The Storm: So we'll see what happens

"True"odon: I'm imagining

"True"odon: like a mini-series about the Electi when they're having the final war with the Xenarico

"True"odon: *Xenaricos

"True"odon: (which would basically be just the finale of SR in its own series)

I Am The Storm: I can imagine them as like Zealots

I Am The Storm: Trying to spread their religion across the galaxy

"True"odon: Xenaricos would obviously be Warriors

I Am The Storm: duh

"True"odon: the finale I had/have planned was/is epic

I Am The Storm: OOOOOOOH

"True"odon: If I really want

"True"odon: I might still make that "Spore Revolution II" that was planned

"True"odon: which was simply SR but Space stage only

"True"odon: about Electi

I Am The Storm: I believe we talked about that

"True"odon: yeah

"True"odon: also

"True"odon: if SR is cancelled

"True"odon: it means no Argisites

"True"odon: ;-;

"True"odon: although you're probably happy

I Am The Storm: I was admittedly looking forward to them

"True"odon: really?

"True"odon: then maybe they could become an empire in "SR II"

I Am The Storm: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

"True"odon: well?

"True"odon: conclusion?

I Am The Storm: Okay

"True"odon: yay  

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• 6/26/2015
I am "True"odon and williezk is I Am The Storm.
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