Arquan pic
An Arquan male (left) and female (right)
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Agnatha
Order Arquosiforme
Family Arquana
Genus Mercatorus
Species vagarus
Other attributes
Home Planet None (previously Arquos)
Allies Kleekoonanoni
Enemies Unknown
 Arquans are a nomadic and mercantile species who value the acquisition of wealth above all else.


Arquans have a basic humanoid form, with two legs, two arms, and two eyes; and blue skin. They have "fins" on their tails and protruding from their heads. Females have one, and males have two. Females also have lighter skin and a less intimidating appearance.


Humble BeginningsEdit

The Arquans originally evolved on the planet Arquos, and eventually developed space travel. They were forced to flee after their planet was destroyed by a supernova. However, the Arquans claim they originally evolved in another galaxy and came to ours.


After their planet's destruction, the Arquans were unable to find any suitable planets to match their homeworld (and didn't have any terraforming technology). Therefore, they decided to settle on a planet, exploit all its possible resources, and then move on. Some say they also "follow the money".

Meeting the KleekoonanonisEdit

In 2014, the Arquans instructed the USS Titan, commanded by Jercy Packson of the Kleekoonanonis, to their current homeworld of Dexam as a "sales pitch". They hoped to sell the Kleekoonanonis anything out of their inventory that settled them: superweapons, pets, Nemletneg slave girls, artifacts, yogurt, planets, and milk. Ultimately, Jercy and his crew decided to buy some ship upgrades, a monolith, and the planet Dynas-2, which the Kleekoonanonis later colonized.


Arquans are motivated by profit, and have been known to present sales pitches to practically everybody who passes by the planet they currently live on. Females are primarily merchants, due to their less intimidating appearance.

They are led by a Nagus, and currently Kez fills this role. He also chooses the planet to settle on. When not on a planet, they use their GCT-8 (Giant Colony Transport) to house most of the citizens.

Although ordinarily peaceful, they will defend themselves at any and all costs, but there have been no known conflicts.


  • The Arquans were created by Bushy98 for Spore The Next Level².
  • They are heavily based on the Ferengi from Star Trek, but there are several differences:
    • Arquans are much less greedy and selfish than Ferengis.
    • Arquan females enjoy as many rights as males and can earn money; the exact opposite is true for Ferengi females, who aren't allowed to even wear clothing.
    • While the Ferengi have a homeworld, the Arquans have been nomadic every since their original planet's destruction, and their "homeworld" constantly changes.
  • Bushy98 himself has denied that the Arquans were based on the Ferengi.
  • One Arquan, Daidett Angehaw, served on board the USS Titan prior to his death.