Belati Adjo
Vital statistics
Position USS Titan crewmember
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Belati Adjo is a Makinoan serving aboard the USS Titan. Although appearing to be a single being, she is actually a colony of quintillions of sentient bacteria.


Early LifeEdit

Belati's constituent cells were born before or during 2014 on Makino, in an alternate dimension. However, they had to flee after the feared Eftievirus began devastating the planet, and sought refuge in our dimension.

A Mirror UniverseEdit

Like their bretheren, the cells sought a habitable planet. They ended up crashing on a planet known as Earth, inhabited by the human race. They were then studied, and decided to take on the form of a female human, but couldn't get it right. Eventually, "she" decided to modify the form a bit.

The TitanEdit

Sometime later, she was assigned to the crew of the USS Titan, commanded by Jercy Packson. In spite of her past experiences, she not only tolerated, but befriended Khrelan Galagat, an Eftievirus shapeshifter.



Belati usually appears as a young humanoid female with pure white skin and equally white eyes; her brown hair being the only colorful feature. Because of her inability to master true human form, she has adopted an "abridged" version of it, which lacks a nose, has only two fingers on each hand, and four large blobby legs.

Although able to shapeshift like others of her kind, she prefers not to due to understanding how other species might view it as odd or disturbing.


Belati is generally friendly, but she is rather impatient and easily angered. Fortunately, she manages to restrain most of her anger.


Khrelan GalagatEdit

As mentioned before, Belati's first friend was Khrelan Galagat, who is ironically an Eftievirus-based shapeshifter. However, Belati knew she was innocent, and they've formed a remarkable friendship.


  • In her early days, she preferred using "we" instead of "I", but eventually stuck to "I" after a few months with the Titan's crew.
  • According to williezk, "Belati Adjo" is actually a Centauri name. This was confirmed in part 27A of Spore The Next Level², although her name means "species unknown".
  • She is based on Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • She also has the honor of being the first recurring Makinoan character.
  • Coincidentally, Belati means "dagger" in Indonesian.