A typical Burkenton.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Psuedoagnatha
Family Burkenta
Genus Imperious
Species inermus
Other attributes
Home Planet Epindol (formerly),

Burrik (formerly), unknown (currently)

Allies Roizelles (formerly),

Garadread (formerly), The Omega Six (†, formerly)

Enemies Kleekoonanonis.

Jonterops, Garadreads (currently)

The Burkentons are a race of despotic slavers descended from failed Experimenter concepts.



The Burkentons can trace their origins from leftover cells the Experimenters made. Not wanting to be wasteful, the Experimenters sent them along with the Garadreads to evolve on Epindol.


Because the Burkentons didn't have arms, they relied on slaves who did to build and do labor. They first enslaved the cowardly Jonterops, until a slave named Zawnty asked for Kleekoonanoni aid and rebelled against his masters. Most were killed, but enough survived to found a new city on another continent.

On Thin IceEdit

The survivors of the Jonterop revolt managed to found a new city with the help of Darlash labor. Unfortunately, they were all killed under mysterious circumstances, save for those actually able to operate a spaceship. They managed to make it to the frozen planet Burikk, where they asked for Kleekoonanoni aid to help make their icy home more livable. Unfortunately, even after Jercy Packson and his crew decided to help them by spying on the Garadreads, they didn't get the help they needed.

Presumed DeadEdit

Tired of the forzen conditions of their home, they decided to once again flee to parts unknown, and soon faded from Kleekoonanoni collective memory. But as time went on, the Burkentons cropped up as members of rogue and terrorist groups such as the Omega Six or the Death Cabal. Many believe that they're trying to make people remember them once again.




  • The Burkentons were created in October 2011 for Spore The Next Level's Tribal Stage.
  • The bit about them being forgotten began when williezk failed to revisit them before the Space Stage, and gave up on putting them in. In fact, most forgot about them until fungus3 made them working for the Omega Six.