A typical male Cretanian.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Saurischia
Family Dromaeosauridae
Genus Velociraptor
Species provectus
Other attributes
Home Planet Verrik (Earth) (formerly), Eleferow (current)
Allies Unknown
Enemies Xarvolgian (†), Epash (Formerly)
The Cretanians are an ancient spacefaring species. Originally from the planet Verrik (later known as Earth), they were forced to flee after a large meteor struck their homeworld.



The Cretanians evolved on the planet Verrik (later Earth), around 65 million years ago. They were able to build an advanced culture, and eventually discovered space travel. However, that came to an end when they discovered a large meteor heading toward their planet. Unable to nudge it off course, they were forced to flee into outer space along with some dinosaurs from their homeworld. Eventually, they discovered the planet Eleferow, and were able to rebuild their culture there.

Golden Age and WarEdit

18 million years later, the Cretanians had expanded to control around 30% of the galaxy. However, their old allies, the Xarvolgians, became imperialistic following a devastating Civil War and determined to eradicate all other spacefaring lifeforms. They eventually succeeded in reducing the Cretanians back to Eleferow and nearly destroying the planet. The Cretanians and other lifeforms on the planet were forced into suspended animation. Before he went into stasis, General Skoth sent a bio-mechanical virus to the Xarvolgian homeworld of H'Trae, which almost completely killed them off.


While they were originally supposed to revive after 10,000 years, they actually didn't revive until around 2900 BCE. After they were revived, they decided to disguise themselves as a tribal civilization to avoid anymore catastrophic conflicts in space.

5,000 years later, a Human/Centauri survey team from Earth, led by Jenny Smith, discovered the Cretanians, and called the Kleekoonanoni ship USS Titan to help them investigate. The Cretanian High Pristess, Chofa Z'Digin, told them all about her race's history.


After they were revived, the Cretanians adopted a culture not unlike that of the Mayan civlization on Earth. They believe that a dark goddess punished their ancestors by hurling a meteor to kill them off, and routinely make sacrifices to her to avoid repeating that same fate.


  • The Cretanians were mainly based on the Voth from Star Trek: Voyager and the Silurians from Doctor Who.
  • Their race's name is derived from the Cretaceous Era which they lived during.
  • It is unknown if humans ever discovered any evidence of their existence before official first contact. Furthermore, they should have been aware of evidence of a highly advanced civilization on Earth.
  • Williezk belives that Plytha was indirectly responsible for the meteor that forced them to leave.