CRE Curtin-122554c9 ful
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Vital statistics
Position Mascot, Hero
Age 20 Terran years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 1'00"
Weight 12.6 pounds


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Curtin’s basic appearance is that of a Cartonian larva. Although he is only a foot tall, he can do great things. Also, he doesn’t wear any clothing, but it usually isn’t that necessary for him anyway.

CRE Curtin-122554c9 ful

Curtin's default form.

With the power of the yellow Genesis Gem, he is able to shape shift to anything around the size of a normal Terran.

When he harnesses the power of all seven Genesis Gems, he can transform into a massive Epic Creature with nearly unlimited power. This form slows him down considerably, as a downside.


Curtin has a serious, heroic personality. He is curious of new places, and prioritizes the mission over aesthetic communication. He sometimes jumps to conclusions when in a rush. He can get pretty emotional if he is forced to do something that involves a great sacrifice.


Curtin’s only natural ability is to weakly nip at threats. He compensates by using his strength and intelligence to carry powerful weapons similar to a soldier wielding a bazooka lying down.

As mentioned before, he can shape shift into human-sized creatures. When he is in his ultimate form, he can be very strong, and is capable of toppling powerful enemies.


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