A typical Dreadarok.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Synapsidia
Order Therapsida
Family Groxidae
Genus Garadreadus
Species Honorablis
Other attributes
Home Planet Naramat
Allies Kleekoonanonis, Ardoxes, Garadreads (currently), Nidixi
Enemies Garadreads (formerly), Paxos (†)
Dreadaroks are a Garadread offshoot. They are able to survive in inhospitable environments.

Lore and StuffEdit


Dreadaroks were created by a mysterious race of aliens from the Garadreads. The exact procedure is unknown. They were sent to Naramat, a lava planet in the Piputs system.

Tribal StageEdit

Almost immediately after arriving, they formed an agressive tribe. They immediately clashed with the evil Paxoliniolionus species, and allied the Ardoxilixionuses because they shared a common enemy. Afterwards, they launched a devastating attack on the Paxos, causing their extinction.


The Dreadaroks formed a military civilization around the same time as the Ardoxes. However, the Paxos had survived and formed a civlization of their own, requiring another Dreadarok/Ardox attack.

Sometime afterwards, the Arcupi civilization sought to kill off the Dreadarok. The Ardoxes launched a nuclear missile at the Arcupi city, and the Dreadaroks were able to go to space.

The Final FrontierEdit

The Dreadaroks provided an interplanetary drive for the Ardoxes.  Later, the Dreadaroks reverse-engineered an Experimenter fighter, and combined parts from it to create their own fighter ship.

Sometime later, the Dreadaroks discovered their ancestors, the Garadreads, and went to war with them. Together with the Ardoxes, the Dreadaroks were able to sucessfully launch an invasion, but the planet was "reset" by the Paxos.

Later, they helped the Kleekoonanonis, Thistils, and Neoruks combat the Eftievirus with the Purge Device. Because of this, their homeworld of Naramat was stolen by the Garadreads, though it was later returned. 

They also helped the Kleekoonanonis, Kesilosians, and Mineraloids defeat General Miz and liberate the planet H'Trae.

In December 2013, they forged an alliance with  the silicon-based Nidixi, perhaps indirectly helping them achieve space flight.

Then, in March 2014, they helped in a Kleekoonanoni-led battle to finally destroy the Paxoliniolionus Empire. The attack was successful, and when the Kraygans changed the Paxo survivors into farm animals, they decided to keep some.


Because they are descended from the Garadreads, Dreadaroks are highly intelligent, but not as smart as the Garadreads, and rather aggressive. However, unlike their ancestors, Dreadaroks are good guys, and utterly despise their Garadread ancestors, though they have managed to form a grudging alliance.

They are also mortal enemies of the Paxolixolionuses. Indeed, it is believed that the Dreadaroks were created just to make sure the Paxos didn't survive.


  • The Dreadaroks were created by williezk for fungus3's World of Evolutioncraft series on August 7, 2013.
  • Two Dreadarok characters have been named after Klingons from Star Trek. They are: General V'Kagh (K'Vagh) and K'Oloth (Koloth).
  • Because eme12/UndeadGaming606 did not have Creepy and Cute at the time of their creation, they were originally created using a non C&C version of the Garadread. Williezk hasn't made a C&C version because he likes the original better.
  • Private Xavier from This is War is a Dreadarok.
  • Even though the Dreadaroks were intended to be carbon-based life, fungus3 once stated they are silicon-based.