Form dat group
The FORM A GROUP curse is a curse originally spread by Kleekoonanonis on Epindol, but has quickly spread throughout the galaxy.



Nobody knows how the curse truly began, but it is known that it started right around the time the Kleekoonanoni's primal ancestors gained the brainpower to realize that "two heads are better than one".


No matter how it got started, it spread like wildfire across Epindol, and to several other planets due to Epindolian races such as the Garadreads and Kleekoonanonis developing space travel. In particular, Catas and Oscaris-4 have suffered the most.


  • Various other curses also began to appear following FORM A GROUP, such as YOLO, Triffids, BAD WOLF, Starbound, Lahlia, Nirvana™, and ☻. Some are much more annoying when mixed with other curses.
    • Nirvana™ was eme12's username on Steam.
      • Nirvana is also eme12's favorite band.