CRE Garadread-1188982b ful
A Garadread in his finest.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Synapsida
Order Therapsida
Family Groxidae
Genus Garadreadus
Species Experimentalis
Other attributes
Home Planet Epindol
Allies Kleekoonanonis (now), Paxos (formerly)
Enemies Kleekoonanonis (formerly), Mysterious Aliens
The Garadreads are very advanced and even had LASER guns during the Tribal Stage.


The Garadreads are the main antagonists of pretty much every interactive series. The Garadreads were created by a race called the Roslians. The Roslians were plant people that did experiments. They made the Garadreads extremely smart and strong so that they could be used as super soldiers. They sent some of their cells on a planet known as Epindol. The Garadreads rebelled and became stronger than their creators. For a significant time, they were a highly feared and respected power in the galaxy. Only one known empire is more advanced. This empire is just known as the Mysterious Aliens. Most Garadreads now live on a planet called Dreadiah.

Throughout their histroy, they have tried several times to conquer and/or destroy all life in the galaxy/universe, only to be thwarted by their enemies. One method was using the Eftievirus, a bioweapon that turns sentient and non-sentient creatures into mindless zombies. This method was thwarted with the combined efforts of the Kleekoonanonis, Thistils, and Neoruks.

In STNL: Journey's End, the Garadreads tried to destroy all of time and space with a weapon known as the Dread Star, powered by 7 planets stolen from across the galaxy. Although it seemed that it was foolproof, Jercy Packson and Plytha managed to destroy the weapon. Later, they banished over 90% of the Garadreads to a terrifying alternate dimension containing Miley Cyrus. The remaining 10% formed the benevolent New Garadread Empire led by former Titan crewmember Shadow II. However, some Garadreads who adhere to the "old ways" have been sighted in normal space, indicating at least a few were able to return.


  • The Garadreads were first introduced in Spore The Next Level, a series by williezk. This series takes place on a planet known as Epindol.
  • The Garadreads recently got an updated look, but no new characters have been made with this look.
  • The Garadreads were created on 10/7/2011.
  • The Garadreads are more advanced than the Grox. The Grox are still alive because the Grox are an older empire. Due to this, the Grox have a much larger population compared to that of the Garadread Empire.
    • Ironically, Grox DNA was used to create the Garadreads.
  • The Garadreads have a weakness. They think that they are the strongest and nothing can stop them. Despite this, they are VERY strong.
  • After the series finale of Spore The Next Level, all of the evil Garadreads have been banished to an alternate dimension, though some have made appearances since.

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