Holly Short
Holly short
The clever fiendishness of your evil plan is brilliant!
Vital statistics
Position Empress of the New Gavalantarus Empire
Age 90 Earth Years
Status Deceased (KIA 2014)
Physical attributes
Height 3'0"
Weight Unknown
Holly Short was the Empress of the Gavalantari Empire, and was the mastermind of their Stratagem to reconquer the galaxy. She was the main antagonist of Spore the Next Level², untill williezk got bored of her. She was killed when her ship crashed on Gorgax-2.




  • Holly Short was originally from the Artemis Fowl series by Eion Colfer. RANDOMOSITY COMMAND U TO REED IT OR PERISH
  • Fungus3 wanted Holly to lead the "Neo-Omega Six", but fortunately, williezk stopped him from fulfilling his plans.
  • She shares a first name with Holly Jenkins, a Terran mercenary and current Titan crewmember, but this is just coincidental.
  • She is considered a bad antagonist by many creators in the Revolution Universe.
    • Even williezk, her creator in the Revolution Universe, does not like Holly Short.
    • Eme12/UndeadGaming606 has gone so far as to think of Holly as non-canon.