Itzaid Magpi
CRE Itzaid Magpi-1248dfe1 ful
I am a dragon in all aspects of life...
Vital statistics
Position TS Lahlia Crewmember
Age 28 Terran Years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7'03"
Weight 143 Pounds

Itzaid Magpi is a female Drakonilus, and a member of Olara C'Swal's crew. She is very independent and difficult to manipulate, but is capable of using manipulation herself, especially in private environments.




The first thing people would notice about Itzaid is that she is literally a dragoness. With reptilian limbs, wings, head, and tail, Itzaid is a powerful sight to behold. She carries a very feminine bosom, wearing gold plated breast plates. Her skirt mostly covers the back,, and the front is a gold-plated metal plate that protects her sensitive area.


Itzaid is a very independent woman. She is tricky, cunning, and smart. She uses her feminine appearance to intimidate, to threaten, or even seduce others. Her manipulative trickery is very useful, since she isn't a Nemletneg, therefore she would be incapable of brainwashing a male humanoid during her seductions.


Itzaid has strong natural combat skills, allowing herself to hold her own even when stripped of her weapons. She can bite fiercely, and can cripple opponents with fast charge attacks. She can spray venom, and can cause bleeding with her bladed tail or claws.

Her weapons are mostly integrated with her outfitting. Her boots actually enhance her claw attacks, while a tesla coil strapped to her tail can allow her to do a shocking tail swipe. Her back battery ignites her venom when she sprays it, allowing her to fire great balls of fire. She is also capable of causing opponents to run around in terror through hypnotic hallucinations.