CRE Jonterop Citizen-1188982c ful
A typical Jonterop
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Synapsida
Order Nemamtama
Family Momata
Genus Jonteron
Species Disruptud
Other attributes
Home Planet Epindol
Allies Kleekoonanonis
Enemies Burkentons
  Jonterops are a species from Epindol. The picture seen is a Jonterop citizen.


The Jonterops were a normal species living and evolving on Epindol until they were changed by a species known as the Rando'Moss'Iti as soldiers in their war against the Entropy Pods. That's why they look so weird. Most Jonterops are cowards, and this trait allowed them to be captured by the Burkentons, a warrior race also native to Epindol, during their Tribal Stage. However, the Kleekoonanonis were able to liberate them, and they became great allies.

However, some accounts state that they were brought to Epindol along with their Burkenton masters as slaves by the Dweeble Empire for unknown reasons; presumably to escape the destruction of their original homeplanet by a hostile alien race. Most known accounts clearly contradict this.

Alternate HistoryEdit

In an alternate dimension, the Jonterops were not randomized by the Rando'Moss'Iti. They were able to defeat the Garadreads at the Tribal Stage, and went on to form an interstellar empire. Later, they destroyed the terrorist cult known as the "Omega Six".


An unrandomized Jonterop.

One of these Jonterops, Kidaana Melmark (neé Eldon), went on to join Jercy Packson in his dimension on the USS Titan.


  • The Jonterops were created on 9/23/2011.
  • If Epindol had never been touched by the Kraygans, Rando'Moss'Itis, Experimenters, or any other alien race, the Jonterops would have evolved to become the dominant species on Epindol, and would've become a very powerful empire.
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