CRE Kleekoonanoni-116f7429 ful
A typical Kleekoonanoni
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Primates
Family Xenohominidae
Genus Xenohomo
Species Xenosapiens coetusformatorus
Other attributes
Home Planet Epindol
Allies Human (Now), Garadread (Now), Ardoxilixionus, Neoruk, Rando'Moss'Iti (???), Thistil, Nemletneg, many others...
Enemies Human (Formerly),

Dweebles (†),

Paxoliniolionus (Defeated), Garadread (Formerly Main Enemy), Rando'Moss'Iti (???), Gavalantari (†, Formerly Main Enemy), Corili, T'Ron (Formerly, but NOT allies currently)

The Kleekoonanonis are the protagonists of two interactive series, Spore The Next Level and its sequel Spore The Next Level².


The Kleekoonanonis were created by a species known as the Kraygans to defeat the Garadreads. Their cells were placed on a planet known as Epindol, which is currently their homeworld.

Since then, they clashed with the Garadreads on several occasions as sworn enemies, before exiling 90% of them to a dimension of torture. They are also allied with many other species, including humans, Thistils, Nolaxites, Garadreads, Catans, and Ardoxilixionuses, to name a few.  They have a large empire, spearheaded by Jercy Packson, commander of the USS Titan.

More info about their history can be found here.



The Kleekoonanoni government is a representative democracy, much like the United States on Earth. The current leader is Worge Gashington, who has held the role since the beginning of the Civilization Stage (barring an incedent with the Pernajahs). A new leader is elected every three years, although the old leader can become vice president should he/she lose the electon. The president can serve for three terms for a total of nine years.



  • The Kleekoonanonis were first created on July 1st, 2011.
  • They have a curse known as the "FORM A GROUP" curse. If you get it, you can't stop saying FORM A GROUP.
  • The traditional Kleekoonanoni naming custom is to take a human name (ex. Percy Jackson), and swap the first few letters (Jercy Packson). Other examples include Lobert Ree (Robert Lee, the commander of the Confederate forces), Tames Jirk (James Kirk, captain of the USS Enterpirse from Star Trek), Cannabeth Hase (Annabeth Chase, from Percy Jackson), and Saac Iasmov (Isaac Asimov, a sci-fi author and creator of the 3 Laws of Robotics).
  • Their series, Spore The Next Level, is the LONGEST interactive series. It has at least 100 parts and is still being continued by williezk. It is completed, but is continued in its sequel, Spore The Next Level² .
  • Their current main enemy, the Gavalantari, were the main protagonist in Spore Released. Spore Released was the first interactive series to be completely finished and it was created by dumblydum.
  • While evolving the Kleekoonanonis, williezk accidentally left their arms on their heads (he meant to put them on their necks like normal creatures). However, some like General Zeerois and Hannah don't have this trait. Hannah not having this trait can be explained by her plastic surgery, but Zeerois' explanation seems to be that he was born with birth defects.
  • Eme12 finds Kleekoonanonis extremely ugly. The main reason is because they have arms on their cheeks, as mentioned above.


Kleekoonanoni Citizen

A typical Kleekooanoni citizen.

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