A typical male Kraygan.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Synapsidia
Order Therapsida
Family Pseudodaemonia
Genus Kraygius
Species nobilis
Other attributes
Home Planet Cralofania-3
Allies Kleekoonanonis, various others
Enemies Experimenters (defeated)
The Kraygans are an alien species native to Cralofania-3. They are the sworn enemies of the Experimenters, and are widely known as some of the galaxy's best geneticists.


The Kraygan Empire has been around for thousands of years. After inventing interstellar travel, they attached their engines to Starflyers, large spaceborne organisms native to their solar system. Today, the creatures are still used as spaceships.

While exploring the stars, they came across the Experimenters , an evil race who wanted to conquer the galaxy (like all villainous races). Appaled with the beings, the Kraygans went to war. That war, and many others like it over the millenia, have all ended in stalemates.

In June of 2011, the Kraygans learned the Experimenters were creating a new species to serve their ranks, known as the Garadreads. To defeat them, the Kraygans created their own race. They later became the Kleekoonanonis.

In 2014, the Kraygans were asked by Jercy Packson and his crew to modify the last Paxoliniolionuses. They succeeded, and soon the Paxos were distributed across the galaxy as farm animals.

Alternate Timelines, Dimensions, and UniversesEdit

  • In the Reflectiverse, the Kraygans, in a cruel twist of fate, were enslaved by the Kleekoonanonis.
  • In an alternate timeline created by the Minerks, the Kraygans never existed, and therefore never impeded the Experimenter's conquest of the galaxy. As a result, the Experimenters conquered the galaxy, and they were the ones who created the Kleekoonanonis.
  • In the dimension where the Jonterops were never randomized, the Kraygans went to war with the Ardoxilixionuses.


Despite their demonic appearance, Kraygans are a wise and noble species. They believe that all evil should be eradicated from the galaxy. They also have very strict laws, and individuals are punished for trivial offenses, such as eating dropped candy. Punishment ranges from being forced to do missions to exile.

Spore 2013-06-24 20-05-55

Archon Prel Moka, the current Kraygan leader.

They are technologically advanced, and have built large floating cities in the skies of their homeworld, Cralofania-3. Another example of their advancement is the ability to create cells seemingly from scratch.

Their empire is quite large, and is led by an Archon. The current Archon is Prel Moka.


  • The Kraygans were intended to be just another race, not the creators of the Kleekoonanonis.
  • It has been speculated that Kraygans may have visited Earth thousands of years ago and inspired the mythology of demons.
  • Curiously, the Kraygans had never heard of the United Species of Epindol, despite creating the Kleekoonanonis. However, they may not have made the connection at first.
  • The idea for the species was generated with an online alien generator.
  • One Kraygan, Otthis Trel, served on the USS Titan prior to his death.
  • Most Kraygans have monosyllabic names.
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