Leod Gabsti
Vital statistics
Position Bounty hunter (formerly),

USS Titan crewmember (formerly) BA Twinkie crewmember (currently)

Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Leod Gabsti is an Ashokweer male. Leod Gabsti, like Xhoth Denes, used to be part of the crew of the USS Titan. Leod has an obsession with Twinkies, which has not yet been explained.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nothing is really known about Leod Gabsti's early life. It can be assumed his early life was just like that of a normal Ashokweer's.

Bounty Hunter Edit

Somewhere along the road, Leod Gabsti decided to become a bounty hunter. He's very skilled in combat. He would take both money and Twinkies as payment. Nothing else is really known about when he was a bounty hunter.

On the USS Titan Edit

Leod joined the USS Titan on December of 2013 at the same time Xhoth did. Leod befriended both Xhoth and Jercy Packson very soon after joining the crew. In late 2014, the crew was attacked by Giant Alien Spiders. Many died in the battle and Leod was thought to have died, too. He was found alive when Xhoth left the crew of the Titan to search for Leod because of rumors he heard about him still being alive.

On the BA Twinkie Edit

Leod joined the BA Twinkie, Xhoth's ship, in late 2014.

Relationships Edit

1. Xhoth Denes:

Leod and Xhoth quickly became very good friends when they both joined the Titan. Xhoth and Leod count on eachother a lot in battle.

2. Jercy Packson:

Leod and Jercy were very good friends, but they didn't rely on each other too much.

3. Daidett Angehaw:

Leod thought Daidett was pretty cool. They were pretty good friends until Daidett's unfortunate death.

And various others...

Trivia Edit

  • eme12 plans on explaining Leod's obsession with Twinkies later in Badass.
  • Leod is the only one of his species ever to be a main character in a series currently.
  • Leod is an Ashokweer, which is a carnivorous species. If he is a carnivore, how does he eat Twinkies?