Empress Mermaya Sireena
Vital statistics
Position Empress of the Siranian Empire
Age 34 Earth years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 6' 3"
Weight Unknown
Empress Mermaya Sireena is a female Siranian, and the current leader of the Siranian Empire.


Early LifeEdit

Mermaya Sireena was born on Siran Minor in 1980. From birth, she was educated on how to fulfill her duties as Empress in preperation of the day she ascended to the throne. That day came in 2007, shortly after her 27th birthday, when her mother and Empress at the time died of old age.

The EmpressEdit

After her official coronation, Mermaya continued the work of her mother in reestablishing the Siranian Empire following the Entropy Wars. She was extremely well-recieved by her peers, and is one of the most popular Empresses to date. 

In 2013, she led the Siranians in a mass singing to calm the Yellow Spice that had begun to beseige the planet. Shortly afterwards, she made official first contact with the Kleekoonanonis after Jercy Packson, commander of the USS Titan, stopped by to pick up a piece of the Shadow Sword. One year later, she officially married him to her second cousin, Zeela Vordav. Two months later, she approached Jercy following his decision to destroy the planet Lalia, but was willing to offer him a second chance at reestablishing the Siranian-Kleekoonanoni alliance.



Mermaya resembles most Siranians, but has large attractive green eyes. Thanks to thousands of Sporebucks spent on cosmetic surgery, she has an enlarged tailfin (she also for a time had breast implants, but later had them removed due to various complaints from parents of young children). She is mostly clad in standard attire for Siranian empresses.


Mermaya, like most Siranian women, is very gregarious and sociable. She also prefers to speak like a stereotypical teenage girl like others, but why is unknown. She also has a seductive side, but manages to restrain it during most of her encounters with foreigners.




  • Fungus3's characterization of Sireena radically differs from williezk's. No explanation has thus been given.
  • Mermaya's name is a reference to the Terran creatures her kind inspired millennia ago. Her first name is a reference to Mermaids, while her surname is a reference to Sirens.
  • It is unknown if Mermaya has any daughters to succeed her. If she doesn't, then Zeela (or Zeela's twin sister Tressha) could become the next Empress.