CRE Migharaturus-117c3588 ful
A typical Migharaturus.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Apteriformes
Family Homoavidae
Genus Migati
Species †Massacara
Other attributes
Home Planet Paxus-G
Allies Unknown
Enemies Tyleturantula, Williezk

The Migharaturus were the main antagonists of The Spore Project, and were introduced in Part 2 of the series. They only got to Civilization Stage before being blown up by the Tyleturantulas, Engis, and Williezk. To add insult to injury, every Migharaturus in every timeline vanished in a puff of logic.



During the Civilization Stage, the Tyleturantulas discovered that the Migharaturuses had yet again survived their attack, and were poised to go to war. However, with the help of some Engi rebels, their city was nuked.

Accounts differ as to their final fate. Some say that some survived and managed to build a spaceship, but were obliterated by a PO'd williezk, while others suggest that they did indeed perish in the blast.

Timeline ß-2-LoreEdit

In at least one alternate timeline, the Migharaturuses survived and built some outposts, including one in the Lahfeye system. They discovered that the rogue planet Vultins, with a small Dweeble refugee camp from the normal timeline, was headed for the system, and schemed to steal their dimension-travelling technology. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for williezk), Max-Σ-821 realized they were trite, cardboard villains with no motives, causing all the Migharaturuses in every timeline to vanish in a puff of logic.


Little is known about Migharaturus culture, including their leadership and form of government, but they were a race of vicious warriors who wanted to destroy and conquer for no apparent reason.


  • The Migharaturuses were next up on williezk's hit list of fungus3's villains. :-P However, they've been nuked and vanished.
  • Originally, some would've fled and created a new Omega Six. However, williezk was extremely annoyed at the very thought, and was able to convince fungus3 not to follow this plan before it was too late.
  • The "vanishing in a puff of logic" is a direct reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
  • Due to their premature extinction, no Migharaturus characters have recieved names; an oddity for SR species.