Planet Naramat.
Vital statistics
Type T-0 Lava Planet
Level Tier V (Interstellar)
Location Piputs System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Inhabitants Ardoxilixionus, Dreadarok, many others
Naramat is a T-0 Lava Planet that orbits the star Piupts. It is also the home planet of the silicon-based Ardoxilixionus. The Paxoliniolionus also originate on this planet.

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Astronomical DataEdit

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Naramat, homeworld of the Ardoxilixionus.

Naramat is about the size of Pluto, but due to the many heavy metals that are found on the planet, it has about the same mass as Earth.

Naramat's parent star, Piupts, is a K-type main-sequence star, and is ~700 light-years from Sol.

Naramat orbits pretty close to Piupts, completing one full revolution in two Earth months.

Naramat has one moon named Inonanookeelk, but it is a barren stone compared to Naramat. Naramat's atmosphere is very dense, and is partly composed of metal vapors. Naramt's atmosphere is extremely hot, and is capable of boiling even metals such as iron and gold. This is a reason why buildings on Naramat are made of Tungsten, Tantalum hafnium carbide, and other superpowerful metals with high melting points.

Narmat's atmosphere is almost twice as dense as the atmosphere of Venus, and can quickly massacre any unlucky carbon-based life that gets exposed to it. However, sentient humanoids know as Mineraloids have been known to survive the heat and pressure of Naramat.

Naramat's surface is mostly molten, and various metals and compounds make the landmasses. There is no sand on Naramat, because it would obviously vaporize in the atmosphere.

Naramat also has a very powerful gravitational force of 279.12 m/s.That is about 28 times greater than Earth's! In fact, this shows that the gravity of Naramat is slightly more powerful than Sol's gravity!


  • The name of the planet is a reversal of "Tamaran", and its moon is a reversal of "Kleekoonanoni".
    • This is because fungus3 never bothers to use the random name generator. :P
  • Naramat is the first T-0 planet to be home to a protagonist species, largely due to their silicon-based physiology.
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