Nidix (1)

A Nidix citizen.

The Nidixi are a humanoid silicon-based species from Hollyatrok.


The Nidix began as extremeophiles in Hollyatrok's cooler regions. Eventually, the cells evolved to be macroscopic, and the Nidix were born.

Many millions of years later, the Nidix developed interplanetary travel. They made first contact with the Pamileans, a highly advanced warrior race native to Asylony in their home system. They quickly became allies.

In 2013, the crew of the Titan made first contact with the Nidixi. They came to terraform and colonize Hollyatrok, but, fortunately for the Nidix, they later decided to colonize nearby Asir instead. However, sometime before September 19 of that year, they let the Dreadaroks set up a colony, primarily because they didn't need terraforming to survive.

Sometime before December 2013, the Nidix gained interstellar travel, though it is unknown if any species provided them with the technology.


Nidixi are humanoids with gray, rocky skin and crystals where one would expect ears and a nose. Most males are bald, and females have hair (or something like it). In addition, females also have a bony structure near their legs, but usually cover it up.


The Nidixi are a friendly and inquisitive people, although they do have a military force. Despite this, they usually rely on their Pamilean allies for defense.

Their government is the Nidix Confederacy, although it is unknown how many planets they have colonized at this time.


  • The Nidix are the first silicon-based species to be featured in STNL.
  • Their name is an anagram of "Xindi", the name of a multi-species coalition from Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • A Nidix named Ashondo Ravia served on the USS Titan.
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