Oscarian (1)
A male Oscarian citizen.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Synapsidia
Order Therapsida
Family Hexapoditherapsidae
Genus Oscaris
Species Sapiens
Other attributes
Home Planet Oscaris-4
Allies Kleekoonanonis
  Oscarians are an advanced race native to Oscaris-4. They are regarded as having some of the greatest scientific minds in the galaxy.

Appearance and PhysiologyEdit

Oscarians are humanoids with four arms. Males are a dull pink with dull yellow markings on their limbs, and females have brighter colors. Males also have antennae, which are used for an unknown purpose. In addition, males (and presumably females as well) are able to change their skin color to match their surroundings.

Female Oscarian (1)

A female Oscarian citizen.

Some Oscarians, such as Eftie, have a highly advanced immune system, able to fend off almost any disease known in the galaxy.


Centuries ago, Oscarians discovered cloning technology. Their greatest military general, Foba Bett, volunteered to be cloned due to his strength and tactical knowledge. Today, Oscarians almost exclusively use clones of him as soldiers.

At some point before 2011, an Oscarian research team placed a research base on a frozen planet. In 2012, a strange, diseased alien crash landed on the planet. The infection spread, and infected or killed almost all the scientists. A space captain responded to their distress call, and took Eftie, the only one immune to the disease, home. However, the captain contracted the disease at the last minute, and had to cryogenically eject Eftie for her safety. An anmanned Garadread probe found Eftie , and she was taken for experimentation.

As of 2014, the Oscarians are allied with the Kleekoonanonis, but their homeworld is blighted with the FORM A GROUP curse as a result.


  • Eftie as an adult looks and acts much different than other Oscarian women. williezk believes that the Garadreads mutated her, either on purpose or as a side effect of their experiments.
  • The species was first seen in the Maxis adventure "It Came From the Sky", but were unnamed. Afterwards, Eftie played a major role in World of Evolutioncraft, but her species was still unnamed. Also, Oscaris-4 was a location with a clone device named in the series. williezk named her species and depicted Oscaris-4 in 3A of Spore The Next Level².


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