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The Paxus, now terraformed.
Vital statistics
Type T-3 Homeworld
Level Tier V (Interstellar)
Location Dynadicel System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Inhabitants Tyleturantula,Choogagan Fahnalis,Drakonilus,Xavianicine, Migharaturus (†)

Paxus-G, formerly known as The Paxus, is a T-3 Planet and the home world of the Tyleturantula.



The Paxoliniolionus used this planet as their final base, but thanks to giant jellyfish, Tnannet Divad's sacrifice, and Khrelan's Combat Form, the Paxoliniolionus have been defeated, and rendered harmless farm animals.


After the Paxos were defeated, Princess Plytha terraformed The Paxus, and renamed it "Paxus-G". She then transported the planet to the Dydanicel System. Several Space Captains from surrounding empires were asked to choose a species to evolve on the planet.

Astronomical DataEdit

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Paxus-G, before its terraforming.

Paxus-G was a desolate wasteland, flooded by lava. It is as large as Venus, and its gravity is similar to Earth's. It had no moon.

Following terraforming, the planet grew a lush green terrain containing forests, snowy mountaintops, and a crater where the Paxo base used to be. The crater still had radioactive fallout, causing the Tyleturantula's ancestors to occasionally mutate.