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Jercy Packson, meet Jercy Packson!

The Reflectiverse is an alternate version of the Revolution Universe. It coexists with the latter, but on another dimensional plane.


The Reflectiverse is so named because its people and cultures are almost always "reflections" of those in our universe, with good and evil swapped. For example, the Kleekoonanonis from the normal universe are a heroic and good race, but Reflectiverse Kleekoonanonis are pure evil.

Because it coexists with the normal universe, travel between the two is not uncommon.

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Yrtnes Renginee ß in the Reflectiverse.

Notable SpeciesEdit

  • Kleekoonanonis: The Kleekoonanonis of the Reflectiverse founded the Kleekoonanoni Holdfast, which had conquered several species when the Titan crew visited, but was plagued by rebellion until it was destroyed in April 2014 and almost all of their kind, save Jercy Packson, were killed off. They were later cloned back after the Nemletnegs were defeated.
  • Nemletnegs: Originally enslaved by the Kleekoonanonis, the successful capture of their homeworld by rebel forces seems liberated them.
    • In April of 2014, the Nemletnegs killed off the Kleekoonanoni Holdfast, liberated their slaves, and captured Epindol. In early 2015, Jercy Packson of the Reflectiverse enlisted the aid of his normal-universe counterpart and his crew, and succeeded in destroying the Nemletneg Federation.
  • Ardnevs: Unlike their normal universe counterparts, Ardnevs survived on Rantross and formed an empire. It is believed they have allied the Kleekoonanonis, and their current status is unknown.
  • Garadreads: The Reflectiverse Garadreads are kind and gentle, and have almost been completely killed of by the Kleekoonanonis.
  • Experimenters: Although the Jikken'Shas of the Reflectiverse never became sentient (neither did the Cartonians), the Experimenters nevertheless exist in some fashion. They were enslaved by the Kleekoonanonis.
  • Humans: Humanity nearly destroyed itself in World War III, and fled to the stars. In space, the Centauri provided support for them until their demise thanks to the Nemletnegs, and helped Jercy destroy the Federation.


  • The Reflectiverse is a parody of Star Trek's Mirror Universe.
  • It was introduced in parts 36A-36C of williezk's STNL, and expanded upon in fungus3's Negative World War and part of World of Evolutioncraft. Williezk is also planning on revisiting it sometime in the future.