The picture shown to is a Roizelle citizen.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthopoda
Class Insecta
Order Fleshicanis
Family Roizidae
Genus Rois
Species Roizelle
Other attributes
Home Planet Epindol
Allies Kleekoonanonis, Thistils
Enemies Shadowrex (†)


The Roizelles used to be a vicious, warlike tribe. They were allied with the Garadread tribe and the Burkenton tribe. The Roizelles became civilized and broke their alliance with both of the tribes. The Roizelles never actually encountered the Kleekoonanonis until they both became civilized. The leader of the Roizelles polluted Epindol, like the Garadreads. A space empire known as the Thistils soon came and assassinated their leader, as well as bombing the Garadread's city on Epindol (They didn't die off, though!). After the death of their leader, they got a new one with a love of dumplings. Now all Roizelles embrace the taste of dumplings.


  • The Roizelle Empire is still war-like, but also is very curious. Many wish to know about the universe.
  • The dumpling idea was just something williezk randomly said, but it sticked.
  • The Roizelles were created on 11/9/2011.
  • The Roizelles are the only sentient species native to Epindol that were introduced after the tribal era and also didn't die off.
  • On August 3rd, 2013, a Roizelle research team discovered the lost planet of H'Trae.
  • The Roizelles have been attacked more than any other species on Epindol. These include:
    • Getting their leader assassinated by the Thistils.
    • Having their city destroyed by the Shadowrex in June 2013.
    • Having their city captured by Deuum De Amoeba.
      • The ReeSat-Bahtin reversed the damage from this attack.
    • Having their city destroyed by Hatred in an alternate timeline.
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