A typical male Roslian.
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Psuedoanimophyta
Class Animidae
Order Monolae
Family Roslicae
Genus Rosliana
Species intelligens
Other attributes
Home Planet Blue Gate
Allies Experimenters (formerly), Kleekoonanonis (now), Kraygans (now)
Enemies Kleekoonanoni (formerly), Kraygan (formerly)
The Roslians are a species of sentient, motile plants native to the planet Blue Gate. Originally extinct following a long civil war, the entire species was cloned back into existence to serve the evil Experimenters, but following their downfall, they developed their own independent culture.


First ContactEdit

Evolving from small creatures called Rosis, the Roslians formed a peaceful spacefaring culture sometime before the 20th Century. Originally peaceful explorers, they soon made contact with a coalition calling themselves the Experimenters, and were invited to join their ranks due to their success as geneticists. This soon caused a civil war amongst their people, with one faction that viewed the Experimenters as potential allies and welcomed them; and the other wanting nothing to do with them. In the end, their own arrogance destroyed all life on their planet sometime around 1913 in a nuclear exchange, save for a few individuals who put themselves in stasis to rebuild their race.

With the EnemyEdit

A few years later, the Experimenters went back to Blue Gate and found it devoid of all life. In a rare act of compassion, they reseeded Blue Gate and cloned new Roslians from the DNA found amongst the rubble. With nothing to lose, these new Roslians joined the Experimenters.

In 2011, the Roslians created a new species called the Garadreads to replace the stupid and useless Hem'Jadar as soldiers and strategists. But they became too smart and defied the Experimenters, and created their own empire.


In 2013, following the downfall of the Experimenters thanks to Curtin, the Roslians, no longer bound to their Jikken'Sha masters, focused on rebuilding their culture. These efforts soon gave rise to the Neo-Roslian Empire, an open democratic republic modeled on their old society.






  • The Roslians were first introduced in Curtin's Galactic Quest by fungus3, and have made occasional reappearances in other series since.
    • Also in that series, the Roslians exhibited several supernatural abilites that have not shown up in other series. A possible explanation is the Experimenters removed these abilities after the Roslian race was reborn.
  • A Roslian female named Aromaga Casidi is currently serving aboard the USS Titan.