SR E15

Episode 15 of SR.

SR E12

Episode 13 of SR.

 Spore Revolution is one of my many interactive series. Click here if you wish to see a list of the living major creatures, tribes, empires, etc.


We do not know much about Spore Revolution's history as not much has been revealed.

In SR, our species evolved on a normal, forest planet named Emer-12. But the Garadreads decided to try out their "Eftievirus " on an epic. The Eftievirus turns creatures into horrible beasts. The epic didn't turn into a beast, yet. But when it got killed by a different epic, some species ate the meat. Including our species. These beasts have no fear. They have no desires. No feelings. They don't starve or die of thirst. They just want to kill all. These beasts evolve, too. Eventually, they'll get sentient. This is the normal strain. There is also a Weak and a Hated strain. The Weak is the original strain. When a creature infected with the Weak strain is killed, only the virus inside the creature dies. If the creature was sentient, it still has some memories. Some desires. It can even talk a little bit. The Hated strain is the strongest. It makes horrible, monstrous beasts. Some are even sentient.

The virus killed off many creatures. Two species were immune, however. It is unknown why. Due to all the dead herbivores, the planet grew into a jungle. The mountain tops were still covered with snow, though. A very weird enviroment, indeed. Our protagonists (the Electus) had to move into a cave to survive with the main antagonist and three of their allies. Not very long later, a conflict happened between the main antagonist species (the Xenaricos) and the Electus.

Something caused an explosion on the surface. The Electus have to escape the cave before it collapses. They make it out, luckily. Lots of them did not make it, though. Once the Electus reach the surface, the planet is now covered in snow. Very little creatures are alive. But little Infected are alive either. This is the perfect chance for the Electus to kill all the remaining Infected. They did so, and spent a brief amount of time in the Cave Stage before moving on to Tribal Stage.

This series currently has 31 episodes and 3 special episodes.

COMING SOON: Pages about the protagonist species, antagonist species, other creatures from this series, and more of the lore!


  • There have only been four species ever made for SR by other players. They were all made a little bit before the Eftievirus infected the world, except for one.
  • Spore Revolution actually did cause a revolution. Many people started interactive series inspired by it. Some people even had similar events happen in their series.
  • eme12 never got a chance to really explain why the two species were immune in the series. Basically, the species that evolved a lot was able to evolve to be immune.
  • The Eftievirus lore was ruined by fungus3.