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This wiki is about my series and other series created on Spore in the Revolution Universe. 

"You are entering an area with sensitive information!"
The information below contains plot details and sensitive spoilers.
Read at your own risk.
If you have not played our series and do not wish to have spoilers, then do not view pages on this wiki until you have played them.

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First off, let me tell you about Spore UNLEASHED. Spore UNLEASHED is a series by Pat1196 where you can vote what happens next in the series using the comments. Pretty much all of these series are based off of it. Make sure to check that out.

Series from the Revolution Universe or are directly related to the Revolution Universe can be added to the wiki.

Have fun and FORM A GROUP!!

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  4. Kmurphy (known as buckly90 on Spore) - Admin

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