The first episode.


This series is similar to that of STNL: Journey's End. STNL: Jercy's End was created by eme12 and is from the point of view of the Garadreads. If you wish to see STNL: Journey's End, click here.


Part 1: The Victory of TesiotEdit

This episode takes place after Jercy and the Omega Apophis's duel. The Omega Apophis survived the fall into lava because of his strong cyborg suit. He immediatly starts brainstorming ideas for what evil deeds he will do next.

Part 2: Quiny goes Bye-ByeEdit

In STNL: Journey's End, the machine was stopped by Jercy. However, the Omega Apophis, Nhan, Quiny, and many others escaped. Quiny was sent to do some errands by the Omega Apophis. Time travel and eliminate the Kleekoonanonis. Quiny did his mission correctly, too. What he didn't count on was Natas fixing what Quiny did and trapping Quiny in a dimension of torture forever.

Part 3: Nhan's ToysEdit

Nhan came up with an idea for a super soldier. With the help of his kind and the Garadreads, he created it. An army of Kleekoonanodreads. These beasts aren't just like horrible, strong animals. They know how to use weapons and they have armor. A perfect match for Jercy now that he has been reprogrammed.

Part 4: Attack on Altaris-4Edit

The Omega Apophis and the Garadreads may have been defeated, but Nhan and the Paxos are still alive. Nhan disguises Mayhem as Jercy and sends him on an attack on Altaris-4. He also sends tons of Kleekoonanodreads. Now the Toriins believe the Kleekoonanonis are going to war with their kind.


  • Unlike STNL: Journey's End, this series has been more interactive.