Tarah Greene
Vital statistics
Position Crewmember, BA Twinkie
Age Around 16
Status KIA 2014
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Tarah is a female Terran. She is a teenager who was kidnapped by Tesiot Industries. Her whole family died, except for her. She only survived with the help of Xhoth Denes and she joined the BA Twinkie.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Tarah's early life. It can be assumed she lived a normal childhood with her family until they were kidnapped by Tesiot Industries.

Imprisoned Edit

After being captured, a virus that reanimates its victims after death spread throughout the bunker she was imprisoned in. Her entire family died in the bunker. The only survivors of the bunker were Xhoth, Sasauron, and Tarah.

Betrayal Edit

On the crew's first job, they were forced to fight against Tarah's own species. Tarah did not help the crew after finding this out and even sabotaged missions. When she attempted to kill Harreux and Sasauron, she was eaten alive by aliens infected with this reanimating virus.

Zombified Edit

After turning, she attacked and killed Taymondo while he was distracted. This saved Xhoth's life. After this, Xhoth put Tarah out of her misery.

Kills Edit

  1. Numerous allied soldiers (Indirectly)
  2. General Choen (Indirectly)
  3. Numerous enemy soldiers (Directly and Indirectly)
  4. General Taymondo (Zombified)

Trivia Edit

  • Tarah is Jewish.
    • This makes Tarah the first known Jewish character in the Revolution Universe.
  • Tarah was originally going to survive and become Sasauron's love interest.
  • eme12 regrets killing Tarah off so soon.
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