Tau Ceti III
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Tau Ceti III
Vital statistics
Type T-3 Colony Planet
Level Tier V (Interstellar)
Location Tau Ceti System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Inhabitants Terrans, Centauri
Tau Ceti III is a human colony located in the Tau Ceti system. It is one of the first planets beyond the Sol system that was colonized by humanity.


Pre-Human ColonizationEdit

Despite the debris disks in the Tau Ceti system, the planet developed a sustainable biosphere of plants and microbes by the time the first Centauri colonists arrived in the 21st century BCE. Using terraforming technologies, the planet was made even more hospitable to suit the colonists' needs and became a lush paradise.


In 1976, the burgeoning Earth Republic was allowed to colonize Tau Ceti III and share the planet with the earlier Centauri settlers. Finding the planet much like their homeworld of Earth , the colonists were able to quickly acclimate to the planet, and even brought their own animals from Earth. 

In 1985, Holly Jenkins, a future crewmember on the USS Titan, was born on this planet.

In September 2014, a Siranian named Tressha Vordav crashed her repaired ship on the planet fleeing from Hatred on nearby Tau Ceti Prime, and sent out a distress call to the USS Titan, on which her sister Zeela was serving. After they were reunited, she joined the crew. Shortly thereafter, the planet fell under Deuum De Amoeba's mind control, but this was soon thwarted.

Astronomical DataEdit

Tau Ceti III is a lush planet with a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, suitable for carbon-based lifeforms. It is (obviously) the third planet orbiting Tau Ceti, located about 18 lightyears from Earth. It has two moons, named Farber and Copernicus by the humans. The planet has no native animal life, but several species have been brought from Earth.


  • Tau Ceti III is the fourth human colony shown in STNL, the first three being Epindol , Oxllzkilvviniwilosx, and Mars.
    • It is also the first (confirmed) human-controlled planet other than Earth that is the home of a major human character.
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