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I still hate Burkentons...
Vital statistics
Position Phloxship crewmember, former USS Titan crewmember
Age Unknown
Status Deceased yet active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Zawnty is an undead Jonterop. He was originally a member of the USS Titan, but left with Shadow after Zeela Vordav-Packson demanded her to be executed by a Sharknado for her annoying leetspeak. He eventually found a spot in the Phloxship crew on Takreninkum Epsilon.


Early LifeEdit

Zawnty was born during the tribal era of Epindol. Unlike other Jonterops, who are cowardly, Zawnty is a brave soldier who helped his tribe rebel against the Burkentons.

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Zawnty while he was alive

Living DaysEdit

Well, Zawnty was enslaved, but with the help of the Kleekoonanonis, he was able to liberate his people.


As Zawnty finished off the rest of the Burkentons, the Garadreads had one final plan. An ambush of Burkentons opened fire on Zawnty, and Shadow fleed to the Kleekoonanoni tribe to attempt to get help.

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Burkenton firing on Zawnty

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The Garadreads murder Shadow and Zawnty with the modified Planet Buster.

Shadow had rounded up a group to try and save Zawnty, but they didn't follow. Eventually, the Garadreads prepared for the contingency by reenabling the Planet Buster to destroy the continent, killing both Shadow and Zawnty.


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Zawnty on the Deathcraft

Zawnty's spirit was picked up by Deathpool's Deathcraft and he was transformed into a brave supersoldier. He also saw Shadow in a beautiful form.